2011 Senior Exit Survey for Carver High School
General Questions

  1. Student ID  

      Carver High School  
  2. Which campus did you attend?  

      Attend a four-year college or university Attend a trade/technical school Attend a two-year college Join the military Work full or part-time  
  3. What are your plans after high school?  

  4. If your plans include a college/university, trade/technical school, or military branch please enter the name.  

  5. Where did you obtain most of your information regarding the college admissions process?
  College Advisor
  College TRIO Program (UpwardBound,Talent Search)
  Internet/College websites
  Parent or family member

      Top 10% Top 15% Top Half (50%) Bottom Half (50%)  
  6. How are you ranked in your class?  

Answer Yes or No to the following questions.

      Yes No  
  7. Will you be a “first generation” college student (neither parent attended college)?  
  8. Did you take the SAT or ACT test?  
  9. Did you fill out the FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?  
  10. Did you apply for any scholarships?  
  11. Did you receive any scholarships?  
  12. Did you or your parents attend any college/financial aid events sponsored by the school or the district?