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New transportation policies for 2009-2010

In a continuing effort to provide better, more equitable, and more efficient service to its students, Aldine ISD Transportation Department continues with its implementation of changes in the way it transports students. Phase I was implemented this past August 25, 2008. Phase II will go into effect the first day of school, Monday, Aug. 24, 2009. Magnet schools with modified bell schedules, specifically Carver High School, Drew Academy, Houston Academy, Reece Academy, Anderson Academy, and Bethune Academy, will be primarily affected. For these schools, bus stops will be placed on street corners where possible. On longer streets, bus stops will be placed on corners –middle of the street – corners, respectively.

Additionally, a few traditional schools and magnet schools with traditional bell schedules also have a few bus routes that will be discontinued because students residing in these areas fall within the “2 mile limit.” Students living inside of two miles from his/her respective schools will not be eligible for transportation. These changes implemented in Phase II will place these campuses under the same transportation process as most of the campuses throughout Aldine ISD. Below is a list of addresses that have been eliminated from bus routes for the 2009-2010 school year. The addresses are within the state-mandated two-mile distance that school districts are not required to provide bus service.

Escamilla Intermediate:

  • Brunswick St – 5100 through 5800 block
  • Northington St – 5000 through 5700 block
  • East Mount Houston Rd – Odd side (school side) 5200 through 5600 block
  • Hillside Dr – 11700 through 11800 block
  • Sachar St – 11700 through 11900 block
  • Varnell St – 11700 through 11800 block
  • Huse St – 5500 through 5600 block
  • Daun St – 5500 through 5600 block

Caraway Intermediate and Stovall Academy:

  • Abinger Ln. 3402-3666
  • Almington Ln 3402-3618 & 3803-3919
  • Alperton Dr. 7703-7751 & 7601-7698
  • Ashmole Ln. 7401-7499 & 7502-7614 & 7702-7758
  • Athlone Dr. 7400-7675
  • Athlone Ct. 3900-3998
  • Black Locust Dr. 3402-3519 & 3602-3719 & 3802-3919 & 4002-4035
  • Lemon Tree 3402-3627 & 3700-3919 & 4002-4035 & 4102-4331
  • Lemon Tree Cir. 7502-7519
  • Maple Tree 7402-7699
  • Mayfield Oaks Ln. 3502-3627
  • McKinley Ln. 3402-3822
  • Pine Ridge Ln. 3402-3626
  • RV Mayfield St. 3902-3919 & 4002-4315
  • Saratoga Dr. 3403-3622 & 3802-3919 & 4002-4035 & 4102-4315
  • Sardis Ln. 3402-3622 & 3902-3915
  • Votaw 7400-7498

Harris Academy School and Vines EC/Pre-K Center:

  • 7050 Inwood Park
  • 7200 T C Jester Blvd.

Aldine High School, Aldine 9th Grade School, and Stovall Middle School:

  • Airline (11000 block through 11900 block; including 11960 Apts.)
  • Buckboard (1-99)
  • Coach (100 block)
  • Coach Lamp (100 block)
  • County Fair (100 block)
  • Millstream (100 block)
  • Wagon (15600 block through 15700 block)

Aldine ISD’s Transportation Department found that these improvements will reduce potential bus accidents and deliver more students on time to their respective campuses.

Parents and guardians of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students will continue to be responsible for supervising their children as they are picked up and dropped off at designated bus stops.

“Parents, we appreciate your help and support as we make changes that will improve our service and make driving safer for our students,” said Richard Delgado, Aldine ISD executive director of transportation. “Fewer bus stops means potentially fewer bus accidents and more students arriving at school on time.” Delgado adds that while the majority of the routing project is now complete, evaluating bus routes remains a continuous process.

Delgado states that any questions concerning the changes can be directed to him at (281) 985-6624 or the West Side Transportation Department at (281) 878-7809. Additionally, parents/guardians of students will be able to locate their respective children’s bus route and bus stop on the school district website. This link will be released during the week of August 3, 2009.